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Private Equity Info provides a comprehensive directory of private equity firms, including their contact information, acquisition criteria, industries of investment interests, portfolio companies, key executives and the funds they operate.

4,821 Private Equity Firms

Global database of private equity firms filtered by acquisition criteria, industries of interest, transaction types, geographic location and firm size.

64,856 Private Equity Executives

Find the right executive at the right firm. Includes name, title, email and fully searchable professional biography.

114,478 Portfolio Companies

Keyword search business descriptions to quickly identify those that present a strategic fit.

50,549 Portfolio Company Executives

Connect with senior leadership at PE-owned portfolio companies.

17,475 Funds

View current and historical assets under management & minimum investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private equity investors buy, improve upon and sell businesses in an effort to profit from the cash flow the business produces and from the capital gains upon exit. Read the article here...

There are currently 4,821 firms in the database. However, we are very selective about the firms that we choose to include. The general criteria is that the firm must be a reputable firm actively closing deals in the marketplace. As such, we intentionally omit venture capital firms, angel investors, mezzanine funds, fund of funds and other extraneous noise from the data set. This is therefore a very clean, focused database appropriate for professional use.

We are fanatical about the quality of our data. As such, our internal research team employs two methods to update the database to ensure both recency and accuracy of information. 1) As we learn of new events through press releases or from the private equity firms themselves, we reflect this in the database immediately. 2) We also have a very efficient, systematic approach to continuously update the entire database. This results in an average aging of data of about 40 days or less.

The target customers for the private equity database are middle market investment bankers, corporate business development executives or business owners exploring a potential exit or capital raise. Customers also include M&A-related service providers such as transaction lawyers, accountants, consultants, finance-focused executive search firms, MBA candidates and the private equity firms themselves.

There are currently 64,856 portfolio companies in the database.

We are currently tracking 114,478 senior level private equity professionals.

Of the professionals we track, we have approximately 70% of their individual email addresses.

Give us a call or send an email and we'll see if we can help.

No. Otherwise, we would not have a complete (and unbiased) data set.

Private Equity Info provides private equity firms both greater and more targeted deal flow. Please contact us to request a firm be added to the database.

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