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Private Equity Info provides a comprehensive directory of institutional real estate investors.

1,833 Real Estate Investors

Search institutional real estate investors, primarily in the United States, by location of the firm's headquarters and investment focus to quickly identify those that present a strategic fit.

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Keyword search the bios of institutional real estate investors to quickly determine the right person to approach at a firm. Includes email addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

The firms in this data set are premium grade investors that have a specific investment focus on the real estate sector.
These firms include real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate-focused private equity firms and other institutional grade firms that are active investors of debt and / or equity capital in the real estate market.
We try to exclude small investors and firms that might classify themselves as hard money lenders.

When you search the real estate investor database by region, the search results are those firms that are headquartered in that region or state. Please note that most of the firms will invest nationally, if not internationally.

These firms make equity and/or debt investments in financial securities backed by real estate assets. Common examples of this would be collateralized debt obligations and mortgage-backed securities.

There are currently 1,833 firms in this directory.

We employ a systematic approach to continuously update the database, updating one letter of the alphabet each week. This process results in a complete overhaul of the database every 6 months on a rolling basis.

Please contact us to request a firm be added to the database.

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