Senior Lenders

Private Equity Info provides a comprehensive directory of senior lenders, commercial banks and other institutional lenders that provide debt to corporate clients.

5,078 Senior Lenders

Search senior lenders by location and loan types & purposes. Loan categories include:

  • Accounts receivable financing
  • Commercial real estate lending
  • Equipment financing
  • Growth financing
  • M&A financing
  • Project financing
  • SBA lending
  • Working capital loans

Frequently Asked Questions

Senior lenders are typically commercial banks or other institutional lending firms that provide senior debt to corporations for a variety of purposes. The most prevalent purposes include: accounts receivable financing, commercial real estate loans, growth financing, equipment financing, M&A financing, project financing, Small Business Administration (SBA) financing and working capital financing.
Because senior debt has first priority in the event of liquidation, it is a lower risk investment for the senior debt provider (compared to junior, subordinated debt, mezzanine debt or equity investments). Consequently, senior debt is the most common and most affordable form of financing for the debt seeker. That is, the cost of capital is lower for senior debt compared to other forms of financing.

We currently track 5,078 senior lender firms.

Besides the fact that mezzanine debt is subordinated to senior debt in the event of a liquidation, mezzanine debt often carries equity components with it such as warrants or other convertible securities that provide an option for the debt holder to convert the debt into equity within a specified time frame. Senior debt would rarely have convertible provisions attached to it.

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