What Our Customers Are Saying...

The first search I did the other day, generated a buyer who is probably the best target for a new assignment. The annual subscription paid for itself.

   — Don, M&A Professional

I’ve found Private Equity Info to be an incredibly valuable resource. The information you have on funds, and the individuals within those funds, has proven to be unusually accurate and comprehensive.

   — Mike, Data Management Software Company

Not only is this website informative, comprehensive and easy to use, it gives new meaning to the term customer service! Within minutes of sending an email asking for help, the answer was sitting in my mailbox. And the night before a crucial deadline, I was personally assisted over the phone in order to complete my research. Kudos to the creator of this wonderful site!

   — Heidi, Business Development Consultant

I really like your nice, clean page layouts. On my first test, I got twice as many private equity firms on a keyword search as I got from our proprietary database.

   — John, M&A Advisor

I contacted five targeted financial buyers from the Private Equity Info database, received a response within two hours from one of the private equity firms and had a letter of intent for my client within 24 hours. We subsequently closed the transaction and netted a success fee over 1,000 times the annual subscription to your database. That's right, I said 1,000 times the cost!!!

  — Scot, Investment Banker

As a result of a lot of prospecting, I have five companies interested in my deal. I'm in the process of providing them with additional information and discussing deal structure. The Private Equity Info database was very helpful in the process. Thank you.

   — Ray, CEO

The site is great – comprehensive and very easy to use. I wish I’d known about it earlier.

   — Jon, Private Equity professional

Congratulations on building such a successful entity that offers bankers like us a tremendous leg up.

   — Terry, Middle Market Investment Banker

We had a very successful campaign for our mezzanine deal using your service. We sent the deal to to 134 firms, 46 responded, 20 looked at the deal, and 12 have submitted offers.

  — Joe, Consultant and Adviser

As a lower middle market mergers and acquisition firm, we primarily are looking for add-on opportunities. Your database not only helped me to identify potential buyers, but I could also look at their executive bios, acquisition criteria and websites to see if my client would be a good fit.

   — Bill, M&A Advisor

Having used it for only three minutes, I am blown away! My first few searches hit me right between the eyes.

   — Dave, Middle Market M&A Firm

This is really an excellent tool and very user friendly. The search tools provided exactly the kind of simple user interface that we needed to find qualified buyers for our clients.

  — Stephanie, M&A advisory firm

Thanks so much for your above and beyond effort on my behalf over the weekend. I am a highly satisfied customer. If others at Private Equity Info are like you, it is one hell of a company.

  — Bill, CEO Coach

I love this site. It is very user friendly and has all the right metrics and industry slices.

   — Barb, International Law Firm

I was able to get $20 - $30 million in deals with the contacts in your database. All your information was great.

   — Darrel, M&A Deal Professional

I have had fantastic success in reaching people using your database of private equity firms. This is the best prospecting tool that I have ever used.

   — Gary, Fixed Income Consultant

We got a totally unsolicited call from a banker this week with a deal that’s right up our alley in the cyber security sector. When we asked how he found our firm, since we didn’t know him or have him in our own CRM, he said he was researching on PrivateEquityInfo and picked us based on our profile to reach out to.

  — Kristy, Private Equity Professional

With the information from this website we have been able to find buyers for our clients as well as find new prospects. The leverage is very high. The second advantage is that we have been able to survey needs of the equity funds and find areas to concentrate our searches. Great JOB!

   — Milt, private equity search firm

We have had a couple of leads pursue us from your website.

   — Deborah, M&A professional

Thank you Kendra – I have always loved PEI. Easy access and replete set of info…! Dan, M&A advisory firm, Customer since 2010

Your site has been very helpful already this morning!!! And your portfolio company database is a great addition.

  — Steve, manufacturing company

I like this website a lot. It has provided a very valuable service to our firm, is organized effectively and is very easy to use. I couldn't ask for a better website resource.

   — David, corporate finance consulting firm

We have found your database very useful and see a good return for our money. Thanks for your help.

   — Efrain, Consultant

Thank you for your help during my search. I benefited from your great support and it made all the difference. I found your product to be terrific!

   — Rick, CEO searching for industry position

Your service was excellent.

   — Jeff, seeking a private equity career

Thank you for the prompt response. I subscribed, and found the website to be extremely useful.

   — Scott, law firm research librarian

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to get this right for me. Your customer service and professional approach are greatly appreciated.

   — Neal, regarding a hedge fund data download

I really appreciate your product and your continued efforts to improve it.

   — Mike, financial services firm

We love your database. It has been so helpful! Thank you!

   — Abigail, M&A Buy-Side Advisor

I tried your service and was very pleasantly surprised. I find it intuitive, well-organized and very easy-to-use. It is easily the most complete that I have found to date.

   — Ken, Private Equity document translator

Thanks for the speedy response! We’ve been really pleased with the information we’ve been able to access on your site.

   — Elizabeth, M&A professional

Your service has been very helpful in ID'ing the appropriate funds. I will resubscribe when I sign the next deal.

   — Peter, M&A professional

I am a business major and I understand customer service and the importance of it. I can honestly say that your company ranks at the top of my list when it comes to this issue. For that reason I will recommended you all to others.

   — Tommy, M&A Researcher

The database is great and well worth the subscription fee.

   — Phin, M&A Advisor

Your database platform has been a great resource.

   — Brandon, Private Equity

I have been looking for a resource similar to Private Equity Info for some time & finally I have the resource that allows me to determine the best private equity firms to target for deals based on the industries the firms are actively investing or evaluating potential deals. It has been an invaluable resource to our firm and makes our deal review process run more effectively & efficiently.

   — Jennifer, merchant bank research associate

We purchased your service yesterday and the info and ways to search are great!

   — Jenny, strategy consultant

This is an invaluable service.

   — David, Managing Director of a venture capital firm

Thank you for the quick and helpful response. I just subscribed and have found several firms that fit my criteria. I’m really happy to have found the PEI platform. It’s a powerful tool.

   — Craig, Business Owner

I'm very impressed by what you've done.

   — Mark, middle market investment bank

I just wanted to say thanks for the help with the system. I have been able to get to all the PE groups in several states and after 2 days of work, I have 5 phone interviews and 2 travel interviews. I am still getting contacts from the 40 emails sent this morning. This is unbelievably easier than the way I was doing it before.

  — Roy, CEO candidate for PE portfolio companies

I’ll be happy to spread the word – Private Equity Info has proved to be a super search tool!

   — Amanda, Canadian investment bank

What excellent service! You Rock!

   — Dave, private equity search professional

Thanks for a great data source.

   — Rick

I've spent a few hours on the system and it's worked out very well.

   — Mark, industry

I think it's a great tool and have enjoyed using it.

   — David, private equity deal flow origination professional

Your site is outstanding! I work in research and actually turned a few friends on to this from bschool, they love it too.

   — Name withheld by request

I am very pleased with my initial search.

   — Tom, CPA

I have been sifting through the database and am finding it very helpful as a starting point.

   — Brad, merchant banking firm

There is nothing out there that compares to what you offer.

   — Chris, M&A professional

We've been using the search and have been getting good results.

   — Elizabeth, M&A firm

Thanks for the very quick response. By the way, you have a great service.

   — Rick

This has been a great resource for us.

   — Elizabeth, executive search firm

The site is very good, very useful and laid out nicely.

   — Dennis, private equity search firm

We have already used the database and it is superb.

   — Rick, university professor

I’m impressed! Private Equity Info provides investment bankers, mergers and acquisitions groups, executives, institutional investors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, venture capitalists, business owners and finance professionals with a well-researched database that quickly identifies possible matches between private equity firms, clients and portfolio interests.

   — Bill Townsend, Managing Director, Interminds, LLC

Even though I have a couple hundred names of Private Equity Groups in my contact system, searching on your website is critical to my work and I'm sure very useful to other intermediaries as well.

   — Mike, business intermediary

I find your service and databases to be very helpful to my firm.

  — Brian, M&A advisory firm

This looks to be just what I was looking for and potentially more."

   — Rich, Asset Manager

Many thanks for your support. So far, I am very happy with your services and found more than expected!

  — Christian, Head of Corporate Development, Germany

I found your database very useful for an M&A project that closed several months ago. I am sure that I will subscribe again for another 12 month period before too long. Please continue to keep up the good work.

  — David, M&A advisor

I highly appreciate your prompt response. Keep up the great work you are doing."

   — B.R.C., Business Broker

Your database was very important to me. I have told lots of people about PEI, www.privateequityinfo.com.

   — Mike, business broker

Your website is very effective and intuitive! Good job. I reviewed the download and it all looks good. Thank you for making this so easy on me!

   — Christy, commercial real estate

You offer a great site and service!

  — Bryan, fortune 500 software processing company

We are very happy with your services. Please renew my subscription for 3 months...

  — Larry, executive search firm

I want to compliment you on what a wonderful job you have done on the database. It is a wonderful tool!! Keep up the good work!

   — Abigail, law firm

I have been using the site a lot and it's been extremely helpful for my business.

   — Christina

I think this is the coolest service.

   — Mike, Marketing executive

The website is easy to use and the information is accurate, which saved me time. The staff was also helpful and professional.

   — Ron, Searching for industry position

Your service is very useful, well-constructed and we appreciated your diligence.

   — Jim, Financial Advisor

Thanks for your integrity in not renewing subscriptions automatically. I think your product is excellent.

   — Ian

Thank you for all the hard work you've put into this easy to navigate website. You couldn't ask for a better website for private equity.

   — Dave, M&A professional

We had been using the one month subscription, found it to be very useful and renewed for a full year. We look forward to a long relationship.

   — Charlie, Investment Banker

I want to tell you that this is a GREAT service.

   — Roland, M&A professional

After talking to you last week I decided to subscribe to your database, at least for a 1 month trial period to see if it works for us. So far, I'm impressed!

   — Gary, business intermediary

Your hedge fund database is very solid and accurate.

   — Bill, Marketing Executive

I've found Private Equity Info to be a great source of deal leads. It has the right level of information and detail to help me grow our business. It has already led to 3 deals in the first month of using the service.

   — David, Commercial lender

This is a great database. I'm going to subscribe again.

   — April, undisclosed

The database was wonderful for my needs.

   — Mark, Senior Lending Firm

I have found your site very useful in searching for overseas funding situations.

   — Rex

Thank you so much for your quick response. I am impressed with your company and its response time.

   — Roxana

Thank you for a very good database. So far, I've really enjoyed looking at it. In my opinion, you could charge a lot more for this database.

   — Jim, Consultant

The work that I had to do was very specific and I was able to get exactly what I needed from your database.

   — Joe

We are crazy about your database. It took us only one day to identify an ideal person for a position that we would not have otherwise found.

   — Laurie, Executive Recruiter

The data base was very useful to me the last month. Should I need it again, I will happily re-subscribe. I have referred your site to others.

   — Vince, Consultant

The website is absolutely perfect and has met all of my expectations.

   — Kate, Indusry Researcher

We are very satisfied with your services and surelly we will use it in the future again.

   — Miguel, Business Development within a holding company

Great job! This is a valuable resource for any student interested in getting private equity info.

   —  Elliot, Student

I'm impressed with your business. It is the most refined data set AND the most affordable on the market.

   — Frank, Industry Consultant

Thank you. I received the data. You have been great to work with through the entire process!

   — Lisa, Financial Institute

I am a current subscriber to your great database and have found it to be a very resourceful tool - thanks.

   — Nancy

Thank you so much!!!! What a great help you have been. This info is wonderful!

   — Joy, Executive Search Professional

Just renewed my subscription. Still enjoying your database. Certainly a great service.

   — Adam, M&A professional

This is the third time I have used your site- I find it very helpful.

   — Lisa, advisory firm to real estate and financial services industries

Just wanted to let you know that privateequityinfo is proving to be very helpful. It is a great resource.

   — Rich

I think the service is fantastic. I have been very pleased with the database. It has been a great resource for us. We would like to apply for the full year.

   — Erv, Sales & Marketing Consultant

The number of connects I have made through this database has been fantastic!

   — Gary, Institutional Sales

Thank you for putting together what looks to be an excellent database for our executive search business to use.

  — Art, Executive Search Professional

This is good product that is definitely working for me.

  — Bob, Industry professional

Great database you guys have!!! Love it.

  — Joe, Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Your website is great and it's helped me a lot. I can tell the contacts on your website are up to date as I've looked over all (A-Z) of your real estate private equity list. Your site is very easy to use. - Timothy

Thanks, as always, you've been a big help on a big job.

   — Ed, Finance professional

Thank you. I love the Platinum edition.

   — Brian, M&A professional

I found the website very helpful in uncovering PE leads.

   — Peter, Registered Agent professional

I want to tell you just how much I appreciate your services. I have made a number of new contacts. These contacts are as advertised – some we building rapport and street cred, others are beginning pre-offers for purchases. With your service, we see to most certainly add a minimum 100 partners. Thank you again for your service. We look forward to a long relationship with Private Equity Info, and planning a Platinum subscription next month.

  — Diana, Consultant

Just wanted to let you know that so far the transition to the Platinum account has been fantastic.

  — Dan, M&A advisory firm

Fantastic product!

  — Steve, Investment Banker

I did use your service for a small project with good results. I will consider using your service on my next project. Thank you.

  — Bill, M&A advisory firm